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November 24, 2012
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Angel Wings Snowflake by xzendor7 Angel Wings Snowflake by xzendor7
Angel Wings Snowflake Is A Rare Holiday Fractal Art Composition I Created With An Old Fashion Look.

The Central Part Of The Image Is A Single Large Fractal That Reminds Me Of A Snowflake And Angel Wings.

This Center Fractal Is Accented With A Lighted Globe Cross And Light Disc And Behind IS A Larger Orange Red Disc To Create A Heavy Contrast To Accentuate The Main Fractal.

Then Sprinkled Around The Central Fractal Is An Assortment Of Fractals In Which The Color Has Been Altered Creating A Sepia Look For An Old Greeting Card Look.

Angel Wings Snowflake Is Composed Of 76 Fractal Objects Consisting Of 12 Fractal Elements, Assembled And Post Processed With The Photo Elements Image Editor.

*** Copyright Notice ***
This Artwork As With All My Fractal Art Compositions Is Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

None Of The Images That Are Hosted In My Artist Rising, DeviantArt, FineArt America, RedBubble, Zazzle Galleries Or Any Other Gallery On The Internet Is To Be Copied, Duplicated, Reproduced, Borrowed, Edited, Downloaded Or Printed.

This And All My Other Works Are My Creations And Belong To No One But Me; My Artwork Is Not Part Of The Public Domain. I Give No One Any Authorization To Use My Artwork On Or Offline In Anyway.
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RedVibe Feb 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Rolando this is so celestial! I love the light and the shadow of sepia...the composition is so amazing and create a warm feeling inside by looking. Thank you for this Heart +fav 
xzendor7 Feb 4, 2014   Digital Artist
Thank You Marlene; This Is One Of My Few Softer Lighter Pieces.

I Guess It Came Out So Well As I was Creating For The Christmas Holiday Season.

I'm Glad You Enjoyed It.
RedVibe Feb 15, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, i do...very! Hug 
x-Pixel-Pusher-x Oct 31, 2013   General Artist
this is beautiful, a mix of snow and feathers it surly is. :)
x-Pixel-Pusher-x Nov 2, 2013   General Artist
However it came about, it is a beautiful piece of art.
I have always wanted to produce fractals as they would make fantastic backdrops for some art ideas I have.
Finding the time to learn new software or knowing where to start would be a big help, maybe one day. :)
xzendor7 Nov 1, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank You Jimmy.

I Was Lucky With This One As The Central Fractal Was A Stroke Of Luck; Then While Butting Together A Background I Decided To See What Things Would Look Like It I Inverted The Properties Of Some Of The Background Cloud Fractals The Resulting Overlapping Tone Was A Nice Tan Color, So I Tweaked The Rest Of The Background To Get A Nice Sepia Like Tone That Worked Well With The Other White Colored Cloud Fractals And Gold Tone Fractal Elements For A Piece That For Me Was Perfect For The Holiday Season.
Kgustafso Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your work is sheer amazing! :)
xzendor7 Jul 31, 2013   Digital Artist
A Lot Of People Like This One, And Is One Of My Few Light Looking Fractal Compositions.

The Fluffy Wing Like Fractals Is So Distinctive That I've Only Been Able To Use It In One Other Piece.

Glad You Like It Kgustafso.
peinturealuile Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
That so sweet:clap:
xzendor7 Jul 30, 2013   Digital Artist
Thank You Jo.

This Was My Only Holiday Piece For 2012.

Need To Start Thinking Something Up For 2013.
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