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Submitted on
April 22, 2012
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When Only Gold Will Do by xzendor7 When Only Gold Will Do by xzendor7
A Full Size Version Is Available On My Site - And It's Also Available On 50+ Product As Are The Majority Of My Fractal Art Compositions.

"When Only Gold Will Do" Is A Fractal Art Composition That Is Derived From My Previous Work The "Flight Of Helios".

This Piece Focuses On The Color Gold And Variants Like Metallic Orange And Copper Tones.

At It's Center Is A Deep Metallic Orange Orb With A Nice Glowing Orange Aura, Which Is Surround By Three Layers Of Gothic Curves With Graduated Gold Tones.

Below That Is Another Glowing Orange Orb Topped Off With A Yellow Star That Sits A Top Of A Copper Orange Tone Structure That Is Enclosed In A Gold Envelope With A Lighted Loop Within It's Base.

At The Very Top Is An Golden Overlapping Linear Fractal With Dark And Light Golden Accents Which Finishes Tying The Gothic Structure Together.

With Enough Of These Color Variations And A Nice Grain Fiery Cloud Background This Fractal Composition Set Against A Black Background Really Captures The Eyes Attention.

When Only Gold Will Do Is Composed Of 9 Fractal Elements Created With The GPU Based Fractal Generator Fractron 9000 And The Photo Elements Image Editor.

For Links To These Applications And Others Visit My Website

*** Copyright Notice ***
All Of My Artwork Is Copyrighted, All Rights Reserved.

None Of The Images That Are Hosted In My Artist Rising, DeviantArt, FineArt America, RedBubble, Zazzle Galleries Or Any Other Gallery On The Internet Is To Be Copied, Duplicated, Reproduced, Borrowed, Edited, Downloaded Or Printed.

This And All My Other Works Are My Creations And Belong To No One But Me; My Artwork Is Not Part Of The Public Domain. I Give No One Any Authorization To Use My Artwork On Or Offline In Anyway.
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infinityfractals Featured By Owner Aug 21, 2013
How do you make these?
xzendor7 Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2013   Digital Artist
Hi InfinityFractals,

I Put Together An Explanation Of How I Go About In The Creations Of These At Wikia - fractal-art-compositions.wikia…

There's Also A Video Showing A Basic Example.

The Major Aspect To My Creations Is Generating A Huge Amount Of Fractal Elements; By Properly Mixing These Elements Which Is Really What Grabs Your Eye When You Start Putting The Fractals Together One Can Come Up With All Sought's Of Things.

Since I Like Structures Most Of My Work Looks Like Some Sought Of Strange Architectural Construct.
infinityfractals Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2013
thanks i bookmarked the site thank so much
Xena-Roseblood Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
How do you make these?
xzendor7 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013   Digital Artist
I Forgot To Add That At My Website - [link] This Short Video Goes Over A Simple Demonstration On How I Put One Of These Together.

It Gives A Good Idea On How To Go About Creating One (Audio Not To Good).

I Need To Do Some More Once I Build A New PC With More Power And Resources So That Viewers Can See The Whole Process Which Can Take Anywhere From A Few Hours To A Few Days If Not Longer.

Tried Doing It On My Present System But The Machine Just Came To A Crawl.
xzendor7 Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013   Digital Artist
Almost All Of My Fractal Art Compositions Start Off As Abstracts. I Normally Select A Fractal Element (I Create These On A Constant Basis) That Looks Interesting To Me And Then Look For Other Elements Which Would Make A Good Fit.

Once I've Added Three Or More Images And A Form Begins To Take Shape Then My Imagination (Or As I Like To Say My Minds Eye) Takes Over And I Keep Adding Elements That Form An Image That Makes Me Sit Back And Wonder.

Now It's A Process Of Tuning The Color (Mostly Saturation Work) And Working With The Light Levels To Create Depth And Color Richness.

The Fractal Space Pieces And A Few Others I Create, Generally Start Off With An Image Already In My Mind. With These I Then Have To Hit The Fractal Generator To Try And Create Elements That I Can Use In The Realization Of That Image.

These Are Examples Of Direct Creations:

The Throne Room - [link] - Based On The Majestic Thrones Of Lore

Exploration Of Space - [link] - Based On A Vintage Mars Poster

Flight Of The Corbius - [link]

Orb Of Acrellis - [link] - Based The Great Discoveries Of The Early 20th Century

The Sanctuary Of Light - [link] - Based On The Film "The Lost Horizon"

Contemplating Oz - [link] - Based On The Scene In The Wizard OF Oz When The Gang Meets The Wizard For The First Time

The Arthusian Temple - [link] - Based On A Cathedral Photograph Of Another DeviantArt Artist

The Angel Wing Sword Of Arkledious - [link] - In Response To My "Heavenly Angel Wings Cross" Piece

Heavenly Angel Wings Cross - [link] - Based On A Piece Of Winged Cross That I Saw From A Fellow Zazzle Artist
Xena-Roseblood Featured By Owner Apr 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so Much! Maybe you'll see some fractals around my me someday ^^
xzendor7 Featured By Owner May 1, 2013   Digital Artist
I'll Look Forward To It.
fractalhead Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012
xzendor7 Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012   Digital Artist
Thanks Fractalhead, This Piece Is My Best Looking Jewelry Piece.
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